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Originally posted on November 17th 2020.

Raising kids intentionally!

It’s almost Christmas and in the Nair home, it’s the time we spoil our kids – when we decide were they on the naughty or nice list 🙂 And as I raise an 11, 8, and 7-year-old and watch them being shaped by the culture, content, and games, I can’t help but pause and tell you how much we have been intentional about the culture of our home:

We are all about the Love (hugs and cuddles), we look for Joy in everything, and we are 1 unit above all. We believe in pursuing kindness and being agents of good; and being faithful in our friendships (yes we talk about this). We believe in trying LOTs of different things and we know Persistence and Determination triumphs Talent & Genius.

And in the vein of trying different things, 3 things we have tried to be consistent on is 1. learning an instrument, 2. learning a language – Arabic (not just for grades), and learning to Code*.

“Everybody should learn to code because it teaches you how to think.”- Steve Jobs

Lets be honest the future is going to be one of AI, Apps, and technology dominating everything we do. N the process of change is only going to be faster than we have witnessed in the last few decades. The world is changing, and we wanted to enable our kids to tap into their creative genius so they can truly make a difference, and in the process be free and fulfilled.

This is a fairly new segment and we’ve tried the the most reliable one in the gulf markets an online coding tutorial that takes individual classes for my kids (classes we paid for), and we can honestly say we are very happy!

They explained how their course curriculum has been designed not only by coding teachers but also behaviour scientists and child psychologists who look into facilitating and inspiring children to pursue what they are most inclined towards. The teachers use customised lesson plans for each child taking into account their interests, concentration levels etc. Very soon, children have been seen to apply logic, coordination and clear communication skills to other aspects of their lives from math classrooms to sports teams. 

They have mentors from, and curriculum designed by people from Oxford, Harvard, Google, Facebook, Souq, Careem, etc. Chat with them on WhatsApp at +971 58 550 2919 to book your free demo or visit for more details.

So let’s go on and raise kids with tools to change the world!

Originally posted by @srdubai on Signetring’s Parenting Blog – Cocoon to Butterfly.

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