Javascript: The language of the future

Your Future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.

In the early 2000’s Facebook and Google emerged as big platforms because of the use of JavaScript.  It is arguably the most popular programming language to learn. Despite its popularity in use, many kids and families are unaware of the advantages of learning Java, who it is for, and why one must know it. So, let’s clear out the confusion.

Let’s answer all the questions you have on Javascript. Ready?

What is Javascript coding?

Javascript coding is a potent, strong multi-platform coding language commonly used across many industries. It’s a high-level, general-purpose coding language, i.e., this language relatively similar to the human language we speak; therefore, it is easier to interpret and understand as well as it’s a language to build up solutions for various problems and not being limited to just one or two industries.

What is Javascript used for?


Javascript is used in various fields to make solutions for the multiple problems found. They are used in scientific applications, technological developments, and many more.

Many big companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and many more use Javascript for various purposes daily. Some of these companies have developed frameworks based on Javascript that have a massive community of developers to support and build over these platforms.

Though Javascript was previously thought of as a web-based (Frontend) programming language, its uses today have reached far beyond. We can now use Javascript to build websites, games, and mobile apps. Javascript even makes it easy to build for one platform and deploy across multiple platforms.

It is also becoming extremely popular with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning programmers due to the rise of many Javascript-based libraries, making it easy to develop. 

Why must kids learn Javascript?

Javascript is one of the most widely used programming languages globally; learning Javascript gives them the benefit of working in various fields in the future. Kids learning to use Javascript coding at young age boost their creativity, mathematical and interpretational skills. Javascript is also easy to use and understand as it is available in almost all technology. 

Through Javascript, kids can exercise their imagination and creativity. Children love to use Javascript as this allows them to develop applications and games, which gives them a chance to become creative in a very professional field. Kids learn to create a basic game like tic-tac-toe to a more advanced gamelike Minecraft by learning to code Javascript. Kids learning Javascript have many programming opportunities that pave the path to their successful future.

Where can kids learn to code Javascript?

Here at Skillza!

At Skillza, we specialize in Javascript. Here kids can also create and play their favorite game and learn simultaneously and gain experience from the simple programming language. Here kids are not required to have any prior experience or knowledge of coding; instead, the experienced Skillzaites at Skillza will guide the kids through a basic understanding of programming to the advanced programming level. The best thing here at Skillza is that kids get 1:1 sessions with the tutors, which allow full focus on just one student at a time. This will enable children to concentrate fully and create creative and basic games as well as advanced games. Learning to code Javascript gives them more exposure to the programming world and opens up the door to their successful future.

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